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Weather cancellations will be reported on the Gastropub Volleyball Facebook page

Here are a few things to note.
(1) You may not play more than once on a given night
(2)  Sign up for 7pm on a particular day-- play at 7pm on that day.  No changes
(3) Cost per session is $300 + tax = {322.50 }
(4) Winning team from each group of 6 teams get Gastropub Volleyball Champion t-shirts
(5) When your session is cancelled by us for any reason, please enjoy a $40 tab for your team inside the Gastropub

The Gastropub Backyard  features three spacious lighted sand volleyball courts, an outdoor bar, a large composite-decking patio for outdoor dining from the full Gastropub menu, a picnic shelter, an area for bean-bag toss, two bocce ball courts, a rinse station, and outdoor restrooms.   

Our coed leagues at the recreational (REC) level are suitable for new players and those just out to have some outdoor fun.  Our coed leagues at the intermediate (INT) level are appropriate for those accustomed to passing, setting, and who may want to spike on occasion.   

Your team roster consists of six or more players.  Six players, at least three of whom must be female, play at a time.  Cost for each 10-week session is $300  plus sales tax  per team.    While you may play more than one night, you may sign up for only one time slot per night.   


Each match consists of three games to 25 points with rally scoring win by 2 with game ending at 29.  Your team will sign up for a particular time and a particular night., like Tuesday 6pm, and you will always play on that day at that time.   

Each session will have two complete round-robins scheduled. There will be no make up matches as we offer you $40 tab inside Gastropub on the night of your rain out or any cancellation on our behalf.(Tab only good same day as your scheduled match)


2019 Beach Volleyball Sessions

Session 1 

10 Weeks:  May 5 - July 11

Registration for session 1 will open Monday April 8 at 4pm


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Session 2 

10 Weeks:  July 14 - September 19

Registration will open for session 2 June 4.


We will open site June 4 at 4 pm for available spots that are left .


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